Black Butler Volume 17

Black Butler, Vol. 17 - Tomo Kimura, Yana Toboso

Ohhhhh Undertaker! I used to find him amusing, and now I flat out love that guy. The reveal made me happy; I figured it was someone supernatural (Grell or some other reaper). And the return of PHOENIX! Lol.


The continued cricket match was fun, although I still don't get all the rules. The team falling into the river in front of the queen was pretty hilarious.


Those bastards (P4) DID kill Derrick Arden, although I don't understand why; this may be something I've forgotten from previous volumes. What was he doing/saying that made the P4 think they had to kill him to protect the school? Ditto the other "missing" students?


I also enjoyed the "Downstairs with Black Butler" bit at the end, even more than usual. The author and team went through a lot to be able to write this arc!