Black Butler Volume 15

Black Butler, Vol. 15 (Black Butler, #15) - Tomo Kimura, Yana Toboso

First, Sebastian in that uniform, am I right? ;)


I love this setting for an arc, although I'm not going to lie, I've been overwhelmed by all the new characters. AND did anyone else think Maurice was actually a girl? I feel doubly like an idiot because I wonder if that was actually the point and a joke--that that was a red herring. I may or may not also have briefly thought for sure that he was Lizzie in disguise, especially during the first gazebo scene when Edward was there. *smacks forehead* But I thought, "Damn it, if we're supposed to believe Ciel doesn't recognize her..."


But I continue to be confused by "Joanne" being a boy? Never heard that one used as a boy's name...


I'm engaged by the mystery and am always happy to see Prince Soma. Though Maurice was indeed cruel in the end, I thought Ciel and others were overly cruel to him in turn. That's not new for Ciel, I know.


I can't wait for Lizzie's appearance next time and hope more characters from the ensemble show as well.