American Psycho

American Psycho -

Much of the reason this gets three stars and not two is for the first two thirds of the book, and the craft evident. At first the book is pretty entertaining and obviously well-constructed. When the first graphically described violence comes, it is horrific and one of the most disturbing and stomach churning I've ever read (and that is saying something).


But there's only so much fucked-up torture porn (which is what it reminded me of) one can take, even someone as desensitized as myself. Especially when so much of the focus is on women victims. Sure you could say it's the character. But, really? SO many scenes? I found myself rushing to finish the book because I just wanted it done but had read too much to simply stop. Then, the book just became tedious and interminable. Honestly, it could have been at least 50 pages shorter.