Letters to Wendy's

Letters to Wendy's - Joe Wenderoth

As a project, Wenderoth takes the concept behind this book (see title) astoundingly far, and it's doubly impressive given that each poem is a short prose piece. The poems are funny, thinky, absurd, gross, sad, beautiful. As a book, for me it's too long and becomes repetitive, with certain poem types (despite the stylistic similarity) repeating themselves (the porn poem, the ontological poem, etc.). It's one of those books best read by dipping into it and pulling out a random poem or a few (which is how I came to the book in the first place). Perhaps the exhaustion of about a year's worth of Wendy's visits is part of the point, but I doubt I'll ever be a reader (or writer) who gets behind form-content if it means wearing out your reader when something shorter would have done.


Also, it's impossible not to think of this as a poetic Supersize Me, except way better. :) So, four stars for individual poems, three for the collection.