The Shining

The Shining - Stephen King

My favorite thing about this book is undoubtedly reading Danny's pov, both as he experiences "shining" and simply because I like well-done children's pov. I also think the family dynamics are spot-on (Wendy and Jack, Wendy and her mom, Jack and his dad and the cycle of abuse/alcoholism, Wendy's jealousy over Danny's relationship with his father), and the portrayal of alcoholism and recovery is as complex as you might expect from an author in recovery himself.


Though there are tense, freaky, scenes throughout, for me the repetition of some images via Danny's foresight and multiple character perspectives drain some of the tension and menace when the events actually happen. I was eager to see the differences between the film and book, and even though the differences as the story goes on are HUGE, I found there still weren't many surprises. And the hedge animals were lame, lol.