A Path Between Houses (Brittingham Prize in Poetry)

A Path Between Houses (Brittingham Prize in Poetry) - Greg Rappleye

I can't believe it took me so long to get to this book; I bought it at a writer's conference where I met the writer (signed copy!) about ten years ago. He was a lovely guy. This is a lovely book, and it grew on me as it went on; I have the feeling it will grow on me further with multiple reads.


My reading tastes have changed substantially from when I first bought it, so it took a bit to get into, and not all the poems are for me, but some stunned me. When I finished the book, I also felt I'd taken quite a journey, but one that never tired me, which is impressive because I've become sensitive to books of poetry that near 100 pages or more, often indulgently. There's mythology, pop culture, crime, alcoholism, marriage, family, solitude, violence, beauty, aging, contentment. The craft is deft and weightless (as best I can describe it). I will re-read.