Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji Vol. 23

Black Butler Vol. 23 - Yana Toboso

In this volume we see the return of some familiar faces (I won't spoil them all), including the P4 from the Weston College arc, who are, shall we say, stars of a different sort. I'm excited to see Lizzie in a central role for this arc, though she's only scattered throughout this volume. I hope we get some badass Lizzie next time. Also happy for some Emerald Witch this volume, with her hilariously oversexed banter.


There's of course also a new face, Blavat Sky (after the Victorian medium), who's mysterious and interesting, especially due to his interactions with Sebastian (again, being intentionally vague and non-spoilery). He appears to have genuine fortune telling abilities, but I already have a theory about that. In addition, there's what I think is a fresh face at the end who certain fans will surely love (for my part, I already clearly get confused about who's new and who we simply haven't seen in a while).


As a first volume in a new arc, there's a lot of setting up the mystery happening, which is fun in its own way. There's some Sebastian cat action, which is always entertaining, some Ciel in danger, and a bit of the Queen herself. This manga never disappoints, and I'm already anxious for the next chapters.


No Snake or Finny this volume, though, which breaks my fangirl heart...