Innocents and Others, by Dana Spiotta

Innocents and Others: A Novel - Dana Spiotta

This book and I turned out not to be a good match, and I made the executive decision to stop reading (at 26%) today. Because there's so much else to read, not to mention I'm a slow reader, and wasting my time reading something I don't enjoy is dumb. My only regret is that I bought the book, so it feels like I am wasting money.


I read the sample before purchasing and was mostly intrigued by a protagonist's experiment watching the same film a crazy amount of times in a few days. I love film, and the idea of reading about (fictional) female filmmakers was exciting. But at a quarter of the way in, with three main characters introduced, I couldn't get a feel for what the book was about, its narrative thrust. I also didn't care enough about the characters to keep going, and the prose could feel like cliches wrapped in pretentious prose.


DNFing is painful, but it's time to move on!