Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji Vol. 22

Black Butler, Vol. 22 - Yana Toboso

This volume felt like a quickie transitional one, with its final chapter presenting a fun standalone story featuring the characters readers voted as their favorites (fandom, please explain all the love for Charles Grey and Vincent Phantomhive; I don't get it). We see the gang at Diedrich's, followed by a return to London where the "emerald witch" (Sieglinde Sullivan) must be schooled in how to be a lady before she's brought to meet the queen. At first I was side-eying the goings-on; I mean, this is a girl who can't walk because her feet were bound for so long. But eventually Lizzie arrives to save the day (after a perfectly understandable misunderstanding), making Ciel join the lessons as well.


We also see a bit of Wolfram's background, and a touching scene or two between him and his charge. Finally, we learn how reapers are made (no storks involved), or, I should say, what "qualifies" one to become a reaper; I don't think this is information we'd already been given, but we're at volume 22, so there's a chance I forgot.


As usual, this volume could use 200% more Snake and Finny (and why is Mey-rin on the cover when she's barely present?), but there's some Undertaker at least!