Hello New Followers!

I wanted to make a quick post since Broken Tune was kind enough to rec my blog. I've been a bit of a ghost here lately (Black Butler reviews notwithstanding) in part because I have a busier schedule than usual at the moment and haven't been reading books as much. Also because I've developed an addiction to reading samples rather than actual books, sort of like how I buy new books before reading the ones I already own! /bookaddict I may or may not also be watching a TON of television and anime. /popcultureaddict


BUT I am an active user and can't wait to get back to reading Jorie Graham's selected poems and Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale (which I'll probably have to restart AGAIN). The holidays are prime reading time, and next semester (I teach college) is less crazy.


Thanks for checking out my book blog!