Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji), Volume XVIII

Black Butler Vol. 18[BLACK BUTLER VOL 18][Paperback] - YanaToboso

Now that I have a Kindle Fire, I'm able to read manga on a gorgeous screen AND save precious apartment space (seriously, I've run out of room for stacking manga). So I can catch up with Black Butler cheaply!


I've enjoyed the Weston college arc, and I hope we see more of the P4 in the future. I feel like we've just skimmed the surface with them and their fags (immaturity alert: I was unable to smirk or laugh at that term whenever I saw it). This arc for me was less about the mystery of what happened to the missing boys and more about enjoying the little things, like Sebastian as a school tutor (those glasses!), Prince Soma and Edward Midford in new contexts, and cricket!


I'm glad Undertaker was involved and back in the story, as well as the Aurora Society. That's obviously going to come to a head eventually. A favorite moment was when Sebastian must go to Ciel instead of follow his master's orders to go after Undertaker; I don't think we've seen that kind of choice before.


The story of what happened to the missing boys felt like it came a little quickly (as in, the story itself felt brief), and I wonder if I missed some hints thematically (about tradition and all). I also felt like Ciel's judgment of them was maybe hypocritical, given what he did to the children in the circus arc. Like Ciel's going to judge someone for murdering others when he's a murderer himself (IMO)? Mkay.


As for the new arc, mostly I'm out of my mind with excitement because the servants are with them, and I missed Snake. The interlude where they go shopping is adorable. The haunted forest story is vintage and exciting, and it's cool they've traveled beyond England (AND it looks like we're going to learn more about Finny).


Psyched to keep reading!