Reading progress update: I've read 32 out of 224 pages.

Nine Gates: Entering the Mind of Poetry - Jane Hirshfield

"Poetry and the Mind of Concentration"


As far as I can recall, this is my first experience reading Jane Hirshfield's prose, and she's clearly going to be another poet whose writing on poetry is my favorite. Her prose is lyrical and lucid, and what she has to say, in this first essay, anyway, brings clarity to the way poetry works, whether you're new to poetry or experienced. She has an original and helpful way of explaining difficult concepts and the process of how we engage with poems. She uses a variety of poets' works as examples, some of which I was familiar with, some not, but mostly by "name poets" I recognized and have read.


Looking forward to the rest and wishing I were teaching a workshop so I could teach with this book!