The Fact of a Doorframe, by Adrienne Rich

The Fact of a Doorframe: Poems Selected and New, 1950-1984 - Adrienne Rich

Just in time for Poetry Month, I finished my leisurely reading (pace-wise, not in terms of attention) of Adrienne Rich's career-spanning Selected Poems. I have my favorites (particularly around the middle years), but there's nothing to dislike or be less impressed by. I admire writers whose style transforms over time; the voice remains the same--it's brave, fierce, sensual, and socially questing and challenging--while the poems grow longer, multi-sectioned, expansive. Nearly every poem contains at least one line or image that I wanted to underline twice. Already I've been inspired to write after particular poems.


Adrienne Rich is essential reading for women, lgbtq folks, feminists, poets, those interested in poetry, and those deeply concerned with social consciousness. If you're already familiar with her from Snapshots of a Daughter-in-Law and/or Diving Into the Wreck, there's more to explore.