Reading progress update: I've read 43%.

Dziewczyna z pociÄ…gu - Paula Hawkins

I was not expecting Anna's point of view (just about to read the second part from her); I'm assuming something interesting will come from this rather than just telling us what we could assume from her end? Anyway, it was a nice surprise. I'm enjoying the way these three women's lives are connected.


So far, so good. I liked the sample I read of this and then went ahead and decided to read the whole thing sooner rather than later since the book's become a hit. Comparisons to Gone Girl are inevitable, but probably unfair. It doesn't feel as compelling or incisive about women and relationships, but it is entertaining. I'm intrigued by the mystery, but not rabid about it. None of the characters are particularly likable, which I don't typically have a problem with. With Rachel I go back and forth between pity and derision. Megan still feels like a cypher, and Anna's a bit boring.