Veronica Mars #2: Mr. Kiss and Tell, by Rob Thomas and Jennifer Graham

Mr. Kiss and Tell - Jennifer Graham, Rob Thomas

This was hard to put down. I love spending time with Veronica and other VM regulars and seeing who else will pop up (that's apart from wanting to know whodunnit and how and if the perp would be brought to justice). I had an inkling the victim at the beginning would be someone Veronica knew, and I like how Veronica checks herself regarding what more she could or could not have done for Grace a decade ago. There's a lot of self-questioning on Veronica's part--not out of character--and those were some of my favorite bits.


Yet again, a VM story deals with rape and victim-blaming, plus small town corruption, class, and race. The book addresses how, yes, a prostitute can be raped, and it matters. Lying matters, too. I've always loved VM for taking on these topics in a complex way.


Lots of Mac, some Weevil, and, of course, Logan. Even if Veronica and Logan are together (literally and figuratively once Logan leaves again), things aren't simple and uncomplicatedly happy. However much my fangirl heart wants everything to be perfect (between them, for Weevil and Neptune), I know this is Veronica Mars and it won't be. Nor should it. That would be boring. The revelation of Logan's past while apart from Veronica and what exactly the military means to him was practically my head canon, though I hadn't imagined such horrible things for Logan. That conversation on the beach legit made me cry and re-appreciate these two together and as individuals.


I thought I read that there were to be no more than two VM books, but I hope that's either not true or it's that Rob Thomas only committed to two, leaving others to do more. The show was written by a staff of different people, so I'd have no problem with that. And I am dying to know how this new sheriff will be (feels ominous; Veronica and Keith are corner-cutters, rule-breakers, which doesn't seem to be her way) and more fallout from Weevil's selling out. Also wondering if Duncan (and Lilly) will return sometime.


Now it's time for me to go back to missing these characters!