Reading Goals 2015

Last year I made up a list of types of texts to read to help guide my choices (because there are so many!) and to guarantee some variety. I was successful in checking off all 18 items. I've decided to do it again this year.


Note: a text may satisfy more than one of these items. Order of items does not matter.


1. A previously abandoned book

2. Short story collection

3. Poetry: "dead giant"

4. Feminist work (a classic; a book from Jezebel's list of 75 Books Every Woman Must Read or something similar)

5. Science Fiction/Speculative/Utopia/Dystopia

6. Work in translation

7. Book from the 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die list

8. Memoir/Autobiography/Biography

9. Literary canon

10. Poetry: contemporary author

11. Poetry craft/theory

12. Mystery/Crime/Thriller

13. Young Adult

14. Fiction from the current year

15. Prize winner

16. Other nonfiction work

17. Author of color

18. Character of color as protagonist

*19. Fantasy


*New for this year. I used to read a lot of fantasy and still have plenty of books in that genre around.


In addition, as part of a larger New Year's Resolution to watch/read/play more works by and about women, I will only read books with female authors or that feature a female protagonist/subject.