Daisy Fried, My Brother Is Getting Arrested Again

My Brother is Getting Arrested Again - Daisy Fried

"Sharp" is a word I'm afraid I've come to rely on perhaps too much when describing writing that is acerbic, flinty, caustic or has edges of any sort to it--typically by women. This collection by Daisy Fried isn't razor-sharp, but she does have a voice that I appreciate, one that feels no-bullshit but is also varied across the poems. I remember hearing her read at Bread Loaf and getting that same sense, and now that I'm in my mid-thirties, I'm also connecting with the subject matter of many poems, some of which focus on adulthood and relationships (romantic, familial, friendships), some of which capture girlhood.


As a reader I've grown to value associativeness, and most of the poems are largely narrative. However, I expect they'll continue to grow on me, and upon a first read most feel fresh and interest me enough. My favorite is "Doll Ritual."