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Bowie: A Biography - Marc Spitz

So I don't know how much I'm going to enjoy this book. I don't read many biographies and haven't lately, but reading this I'm reminded of why. I dislike when a biographer writes something like, "Person X must have thought..." or "Thing X must have affected Person X in such and such a way..." No. Tell me what the fuck you know via sources. Set the stage for me, but go light on assertions. This is the second biography of Bowie I've read, and the difficulty with him as a subject is that he never participated as a subject. In part this is because, as he's stated, his memory of certain time periods in his life is dim or absent. He's also said he's not a nostalgic person. This makes more (guess)work for the biographer.


I'm hoping that most of the author's assertions of this kind lessen as there are more sources the later in Bowie's life he gets.